A Warm Welcome from Friends of Rainforests in Myanmar...

Global warming and climate change is affecting everyone wherever we live in the world. Climate change can cause catastrophic consequences and poorest countries will be hardest hit according to the UN report. Rainforests, the very lungs of the world, are continuously destroyed in many countries in the world. We strongly believe in protecting rainforests and mangroves in order to prevent the climate change which is now regarded as real threat to the very existence of mankind.

FORM is the vision of an environmentally conscious Myanmar psychiatrist. He left his country in 1976 mainly due to political reason but has never forgotten his roots. During the first visit to his native country he saw the alarming environmental degradation and became dedicated to the environmental causes and decided to form the charity organization.

FORM (Friends of Rainforest in Myanmar) was established in London as environmental charity and registered in England and Wales in 1997 and registered as a non-governmental organization ( NGO ) in Myanmar in 2000. It was also registered in Maryland, USA, in 2001 as not-for-profit organization.

OTOT - One Toursit One Tree

It is the vision of the founder. It was in 1995 when he got the idea during visit Myanmar year when government was promoting tourism for the first time in Myanmar's history. And tourists were beginning to come. He was concerned about the destruction of rainforests which are vitally important to prevent climate change. Suddenly OTOT come into his head as an answer to save the precious rainforests. If one tourist plant one tree, millions of trees can be planted every year. It cost just one dollar to plant a tree in Myanmar and most tourists will be willing to give one dollar for such good cause. The OTOT is simple idea with achievable goal. If the message of OTOT spread around the world, billions of tourists will plant billions of trees in the world every year where ever they visit.Therefore we are convinced that most visitors will support our new OTOT fundraising.View More

Our Commitment!

Our main intention is protection of the environment i.e. restoration of Rainforests and Mangroves.

Our primary concern is about the catastrophic consequences of climate change. Tropical rainforests and mangroves continuously remove CO2 from atmosphere. Mangroves are also natural defence system against the disasters such as cyclone Nargis which killed 140,000 and left 2.4 million in destitution in May 2008.

We have had eleven years of experience in successful restoration of rainforests and mangroves in Myanmar. However, our success is limited due to financial restraints. To have real impact we need a sufficient and sustained funding to continue our good work for the future Myanmar.

Our Mission!

Helping to save the lives of rural poor in Myanmar by doing following objectives to achieve our vision.

1. Protection of the environment i.e. conversation of rainforests and mangroves.

2. Reduction of poverty.

3. Education for public benefit.


Fundraising for the future

Myanmar has many attractions for tourists such as history, historical and religion sites, unspoiled natural environment and people of 135 diverse ethnic groups of different culture and dialect ! It is also one of the safest countries in the world for tourists to visit.Due to the recent positive political changes, Myanmar has become one of the world's top tourist destinations and tourists are beginning to come. Therefore we are now planning to launch a new fundraising programme.

New OTOT Fundraising Plan

Myanmar has been shunned for the past 20 years by tourists due to political situation under the military rule. As it now has a new democratic government tourists are coming back in force. Therefore we are planning to resume the OTOT fundraising plan with help from stake holders in the tourist industry. It will be 2 ways approach. One is to charge entrance fees to pagodas and historical sites and another is to add just one percent on room charges of accommodation and also on the local airfare. Funds will not go into government's coffers. They will be used only for the upkeep of ancient historical sites including pagodas and temples, for the environment such as restoration rainforests, wildlife, and education for public benefit and for poverty relief. We had previous experience that most tourists are environmentally conscious and keen on giving donation for the good causes.More

Past fundraising

Since established in 1997 our main idea of fundraising was through the tourism sector. With help from hotels and a restaurant we have tried to raise funds from tourists for 4 years (04 – 08) but tourism boycott made our plan unsuccessful and eventually forced us to stop the programme. However we learnt a useful lesson _ most tourists are environmentally conscious and want to make some contribution for environmental causes and some also want to plant trees by themselves.